Where to meditate in Miami?

Osho Florida Events: Where can i meditate in Miami? 

1. At Osho Meditation Center at Hallandale, FL  – Various Osho Meditations &  Celebration on certain weekends.

If you are beginning to meditate and haven’t read Osho books or practiced Osho meditations we suggest you attend our weekend group meditations at Hallandale. This 3-4 hour session is for friends who do not have time for a full day intensive. The event includes more than one Osho meditation, sharing, celebration and Osho discourse. We will have opportunity to do one of the 600 different Osho meditation techniques in a group.

We also have Osho therapies like No-Mind and 7 days Osho Vipassana groups here from time to time. Please check the group’s meetup for details

Venue: At Osho Meditation Center at 101 Ansin Blvd, Hallandale beach, FL 33009

For details about these meetings visit our meet-up group – www.meetup.com/oshoflorida

2. At Osho Ashram in Palmetto Bay, Miami – For friends who want to immerse in a whole day of intense meditations, we have started a Full day transformation event in this newly opened Ashram. There is 1 Osho meditation camp every month and soon this will extend into 2 Osho meditations per month and eventually the plan is for one Full day Osho meditations event every weekend. There is also an overnight accommodation facility in this Osho ashram for out of state friends.

Please check this meetup to get updates on events at this Osho ashram. -https://www.meetup.com/meditationsmiami/

3. At The Great Mahakala Ashram, Miami – Occasional 3-day meditation retreats with long time Osho disciple teachers at this wonderful ashram. The retreats are for all levels, intense and playful. There is overnight accommodation available as well. Visit – www.thegreatmahakala.org for details.