Osho Meditations Florida is a home for everyone interested in exploring the inner joy and freedom. People from all paths, all religions and all nationalities are welcome to learn the art of meditation as taught by Osho. Osho Meditations Florida offers residential Osho meditation camps for deeper inner experience. We envision an institute of meditation, an ashram in the heart of Florida where hundreds of meditators can meditate everyday.

Daytona Beach-2016 osho retreat-Group photo

Osho said that if 200 people in this world can get enlightened the whole future of this world will be changed. Like the trees that change the oxygen of the whole city, a small meditation ashram where a small number of people meditate everyday can change the energy of the whole nation, we believe we can change the imminent danger of the coming wars and destruction through our Oasis of meditation. This is not only our dream this is the dream of the whole of America to have a future where people are happy, free and joyful, and the way to this is love, compassion, celebration’ a way of live which embraces both meditation and celebration, both science and spirit, the exoteric and the esoteric. Osho Meditations Florida is a small effort to bring this wave of peace and love in the society.

The art of meditation is as ancient as the sun and moon and the clouds and has been passed from generation to generation as a gift from those who mastered it and experienced the freedom and benediction. All classes and residential camps in Osho Meditations Florida will be offered for free. Osho, an enlightened mystic of 21st century has brought those ancient methods alive again for the modern man. His new and dynamic techniques would never have been understood if we had no knowledge about the human mind and consciousness studied and presented by psychologists like Freud and Jung, and no appreciation about the matter-energy phenomenon given by scientists like Einstein and Nikola Tesla. Osho meditation techniques incorporate ancient methods of Tantra, Yoga, Bhakti and Zen buddhism with psychotherapy , primal therapy and various new age therapy techniques. All his meditations are guided by music, are playful but intense and can be done either alone at home or in a group.