Osho Residential Meditation Retreat with Swami Anand Arun,

Feb 22-24,2019 at Daytona Beach, FL

We are delighted to welcome you to a 3-day residential meditation retreat with Swami Anand Arun. We have been inviting Swami Arun to conduct retreats in Florida every year since 2014, and every time he brings a fresh breeze of joy and bliss all the way from the Himalayas. Swamiji’s depth of understanding of Osho meditations and Osho’s message is truly remarkable, but it’s his presence and his touch that transformed many. He calls it a blessing from his master Osho, and it will be this blessing, this energy shower that we will merge with and meditate in.

Bodhisattva Swami Arun is the founder and coordinator of Osho Tapoban – an international Osho commune and a Himalayan forest retreat in Nepal. He divides his time between nepal and twenty other countries of Europe, North America, Russia and Asia​, where he gives discourses and facilitates Osho meditation retreats regularly.

On March 29, 1969, when he was still a student of engineering, Swami Arun first met Osho. In the very first glimpse he realized his search for a master had come to an end. In 1974, he took initiation from Osho at Pune. After a few months of staying with his master, he was instructed to open an ashram in nepal and spread his vision. Today, he has initiated around a hundred thousand seekers from 90 different countries into Osho Neo-Sanyas. He actively mentors and guides six Osho communes and more than seventy-five meditation centers in Nepal, a commune in America and around a hundred and fifty Osho meditation centers in fifty different countries.

A meditation retreat with him is a wonderful growth opportunity for everyone interested in Osho meditations. He is the founder and coordinator of Osho Tapoban – an international Osho commune and a Himalayan forest retreat in Nepal.

Retreat Schedule:

February 22 – 24 

We are arriving to Daytona on Thursday, February 21st to get settled and will be starting meditations early next morning at 7am (Friday, February 22nd). Check out from the hotel is Sunday at 11 am, and the last most powerful meditation session-group prayer meditation will conclude the retreat before lunch. We will be leaving Daytona at around 2pm.

A more detailed retreat schedule will be provided upon arrival. It is recommended to participate in all 3 days of the retreat for a deeper experience, but you can also book just the weekend or visit daily.


El Caribe Resort & Conference Center

2125 S Atlantic Ave,

Daytona Beach, FL 32118


Dear Friends, we are starting a very powerful meditation process this March and are opening our doors to all Osho lovers who have practiced Osho meditations before. If you are new to Osho, we recommend coming to our Sunday events first to learn about Osho meditations and teachings.

The No-Mind Meditation therapy is a 7 day process, 2 hours each day, and we’ll conduct it from 6pm to 8pm so that more friends can join us after work. In fact, it’s a wonderful tool to wash off all the mind impressions from day’s work, bring freshness and clarity to the mind and connect to pure and still consciousness within.

“Enlightenment simply means an experience of your consciousness unclouded by thoughts, emotions, sentiments. When the consciousness is totally empty, there is something like an explosion, an atomic explosion. Your whole insight becomes full of light which has no source and no cause. And once it has happened, it remains. It never leaves you for a single moment..” Osho, from “The Last Testament”, Vol 1, Chapter 13.

We are meeting to celebrate Osho’s Enlightenment day. His enlightenment day is celebrated all around the world on March 21st. This evening we will have a Satsang celebration, watch his video discourse and have a meditation session at the end.
Time: 7pm to 9pm

Sufi,the path of the heart: A 5 day Osho meditation retreat, Oct 6-10,2017

Dear friends,

We invite you to this once in a lifetime opportunity to delve into the heart of Sufism. This is the first time we are having a Sufi retreat in Florida. It’s a unique beautiful journey of finding our inner lover and opening doors to an entirely new realm of our life. We have chosen the long weekend of October to invite as many friends as possible to this journey of the heart.

Sufi is a Mystic path, and the essence that is at the heart of all religious spirits. It is the ancient wisdom of the heart, and the path of love born from that wisdom. It’s finding the true nature and realization. This group in a meditative process using different methods, like rhythm, breath, music, dance, voice, sound, poetry, to enter a state of emptiness.“Zikhr” (Remembrance), an essential Sufi method, will bring us in touch with different layers of our being. Its waves will deepen and expand the different qualities of human consciousness and take us to the silent lake of our being.

Whirling symbolizes and represents man’s unity with the cosmos; it is a movement where we dissolve ourselves with a world that cannot be understood with our mind, it has to be felt with the heart.This gathering is a process of emptying ourselves, a process, an atmosphere where love and wildness flower into meditation.

We will also explore the beauty of Sufi poetry and music. This Sufi group will be a deep immersion into our inner world, an exploration of the love and wisdom we all carry in our being. A Remembrance of the joyful song, and luminous silence, of existence.

“By knowing the mysteries of our own heart, we begin to resonate with the mysteries of existence”.

About Videha

Videha. Osho disciple since 1980. Initiated into the Mevlevi Sufi Order of Konya ( “The Whirling Dervishes” ), Videha integrates the Sufi Path into Osho’s vision and love. For years as a Zazen practitioner, he has traveled and trained in Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Central Asia, Korea, Tibet, where he received many initiations. He is leading groups, seminars, camps and meditation retreats all over the world since more then 28 years, uniting the path of love and the path of meditation.

“All the work is inspired by Osho’s teachings, my Master, and an endless source of compassion and wisdom, an inexhaustible mine of countless Dharma teaching treasures”.


October 6th – October 10th.

We will start Friday morning at 10am and end Tuesday afternoon at 3pm. This is a long weekend so we will make the most out of the holidays.

We will provide you the daily schedule once we are closer to the retreat date.


101 Ansin Blvd.

Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

(Meditation hall at Best western hotel)

Dervish’ is the Sufi word for sannyas. You cannot believe it unless you experience, that just by whirling you can know yourself. No austerity is needed, no self-torture is needed, but just an experience of your innermost being and you are transported into another plane of existence from the mortal to the immortal.

The darkness disappears and there is just eternal light…. It is not that the Dervish dances, God keep dancing in him. Whenever a wave of such divine rapture strikes the heart of the Sufi, it creates a wave in the lake of his inner being….

Something is pouring in him, and it is too much, it starts overflowing in his dancing and singing. ….In reality, it is the wave of the ocean of God that are tossing and turning the anchor-less vessel that is the heart of the Sufi. His state is that of non-being….” Osho

                                 LET US BEGIN THE JOURNEY HOME

“Wake up lovers, it’s time to start a new journey.

We have seen enough of this world, it’s time to see another.

These two gardens may be beautiful, but let us past beyond them,

and go to the gardener himself.

Let us kiss the ground, and flow like a river towards the ocean.

Let us go from the valley of tears, to the wedding feast.

Let us bring the colors of blossom to the over pale faces.

Oh my heart, shiver like autumn leaves about to fall.

In this world of dust there is no avoiding pain or feeling excited.

Let us become like beautiful colored birds and fly,

fly to the sweet land of paradise.

Everything is painted with the brush of the invisible one,

let us follow the hidden sign, and find the painter.

It’s best to travel with companions, on this journey only love can be the way.

We have stayed at home, scared like mouse, let us find courage and join the lions.

Let our souls turn into mirrors, longing to reflect the essence of beauty, of the Beloved.

Let us begin the journey home.”

OSHO Meditation Retreat at Daytona Beach, FL , February 2-5,2017

4th annual Daytona Beach retreat with Swami Anand Arun. A total of 40 Osho friends came for the celebrations with 5 people diving into neosannyas.

Glimpses of the retreat:

 OSHO Meditation Retreat with Swami Arun, July 14-17, 2016

This was the first ever Osho retreat in Miami and it was a beautiful weekend. There were about 35 participants and we had 8 friends for sannyas and mala celebration.

Glimpses of the retreat:

 Osho Enlightenment Day Celebration

“Enlightenment simply means an experience of your consciousness unclouded by thoughts, emotions, sentiments. When the consciousness is totally empty, there is something like an explosion, an atomic explosion. Your whole insight becomes full of a light which has no source and no cause. And once it has happened, it remains. It never leaves you for a single moment..” Osho, From discourse “The Last Testament Vol1,Chapter13 .

A total of 15 Osho lovers gathered at Osho Meditation Center for 3 hours of celebration. We had kirtans, dancing, kundalini meditation, white robe celebration and ended the evening with a lovely Osho video. All friends returned home with a big smile and a dancing heart. The group picture sums it all up.


Osho Meditation Retreat with Swami Arun at Daytona, FL February 2016